Elite Plum Cakes


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Rich Plum Cake 
This is our premium plum cake, made with a blend of the finest ingredients that include rum-soaked raisins, cherries, dates, cashew nuts and almonds.Fresh Elite Plum Cakes in Store Now!!!!

Plum Surprise
The surprise is in the burst of rich chocolate, besides the crisp cashew nuts that give it a yummy taste.Elite Plum Cake (800g) – £4.49 Only ( special offer )

Elite Plum Cake (400g) – £2.75 Only ( special offer )


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Elite Plum Cakes

Our divinely rich plum cakes are a treat for the taste buds and for the soul! Over the years, we have mastered the art of baking the perfect plum cake, and also introduced several new and delectable variants.

Elite has been the undisputed leader, as far as the production and sales of plum cakes in Asia are concerned. Being one of the largest plum cake manufacturing units in the country, we have the capacity to produce over 2500 tons per annum. In fact, in Kerala and other parts of South India , Christmas, today has become synonymous with Elite plum cakes.

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Weight 400 kg

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